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Listen to Vanguard Microphones On SoundCloud

Guess what’s up? The Vanguard Audio Labs Listening Station on SoundCloud! Follow the link and check out the listening files on the mic you’re interested in! More sound files coming soon from many other friends of ours.

Thanks to Micah for tracking all of these down and getting these and the descriptors up on Soundcloud…all spelling errors are 100% owned by him…except for the ones I put in there just to mess with him.

Also thanks to Lucas PimentelMike AvenaimGreg WurthPeter ChunModern Fuzz Recording StudiosHybrid StudiosJoshua BrooksThe Evergreen StageShane FitzgibbonTiago D’ErricoDylan ChambersCourtney FortuneJosé Diogo NevesMillSounds StudioDavid KaplanBill RogersJoe Di FioreAaron Lee AikenBobby HollandPentavarit, and other people I doubtlessly forgot for playing or engineering on these tracks.

A few important notes:

  • You can check the notes on each track on the SoundCloud page for preamp, placement, etc. when we have them. Unless noted, each track is raw – no EQ, no compression.
  • I know SoundCloud’s streaming rate isn’t amazing, which is why all of these tracks are also available in their original WAV format on our Dropbox. You can also access the Dropbox files via each individual product page.
  • If you’ve got some clips you think might belong on there, send them on in to! We’re always looking for well-recorded raw files, 15-30 seconds long, with a few things:
    • Preamp & placement notes.
    • Processing should be limited to a hi-pass filter if there is any, and the filter corner frequency should be noted.
    • Microphone control notes – if the pad/rolloff was engaged, the pattern, etc.
    • Credits (and release) from the artist, as well as yourself, with links we can include in the track notes.

(Lastly, thanks to a rather prominent gear clone brand, whose idea for hosting things on Soundcloud I totally copped, the irony of which is not lost on me.)